Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jesus and Gravity

As my children sit here, arguing over "wanting to be alone, away from each other" (which honestly, they are not capable of), as they shout over someone ruining the game, as they shout that you took this or that and how they won't play with each other anymore, I'm reminded that being alone or feeling alone is not a great feeling.

I've been away from this space for awhile because there have been a lot things making me feel alone. A lot of things that have thrown off how I think, what I feel, what the future will hold. Truly, ideas and thoughts I wouldn't have in a million years thought I would have to deal with NOW.

But here they are, right in front of my face and not only is it a lonely feeling, it is a very scary one too.

So while I process all of these different feelings, bear with me.

I have a wonderful group of people who have started praying, helping, and just listening. Thank you, all of you.

"something lifting me up, something holding me down, something to give me wings, something to keep my feet on the ground" -Dolly Parton's Jesus and Gravity

Luckily, I feel like I can defy gravity and make my way through all of this because I know I'm not alone.

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