Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Super C!!

As you may know, if you keep up with my lil' blog here, Mr. Stinky has been asking for a superhero cape but he couldn't make up his mind for what color.
I found this fabric in the attic and thought blue and white stripes would be perfect for a superhero cape. The cape itself, took about 20 minutes to sew, but it took one week of him begging me to do it!

Let me introduce Super C!

He looks even more "super" with his Larryboy hat on, but considering it is made of fleece at it has been 90 degrees outside, I thought it best he not wear it. I'm all for fashion statements, as long as they don't induce heat stroke!

Now, he's off to save the yard toys from the thunderstorm (yes, it stormed again here today for a full hour)!