Monday, May 3, 2010

Oblivion, Obliviousness, Inattention

Yep, these words describe where I'm at right now!
What is really sad, is I thought April was busy! The May calendar is put together and there is pretty much no free time anywhere on it!
There is down time though. But even the down time is full of activities that will keep us busy!

Ah, the first Monday of May! What a great day to realize that I already had forgotten to: attend a birthday party, arrive for dance recital photos, turn in registration forms, and make flyers. Oh, and I can't even begin to explain how funny it was for me to freak out at school today when the Tornado Sirens sounded at 11:00am!

Can't wait for Tuesday! Maybe I will remember the rest of what I have forgotten!

1 comment:

dizzy said...

I was oblivious to the sirens. But then, I was in far-off Kirkwood at the dentist. A good 3 miles away.