Thursday, April 22, 2010

Well Hello There!

I'll just come right out and say that I'm a slacker! When I saw the look of disappointment on my daughter's face last night when she checked my blog, I figured it was high time to get back on here and reconnect!

We have been so busy doing things outside in the yard! Weeding the gardens especially. It is such a great feeling to accomplish big tasks like this. The kiddos have planted their different plants with promises of keeping them watered. The boys are enjoying wearing their new garden gloves (I would enjoy their gloves too, if they kept them on their hands instead of asking every five minutes to help them put them back on!). What a great feeling it is to work all day and then collapse into bed because you are so tired!

The kiddos have been coming up with some very imaginative games while outside in the yard! Their favorite game to play is Scooby-Doo. They take turns being Velma, Daphne, Freddy and Shaggy. Scooby is always played by our dog! This is a very easy game to play, but always cracks me up! One person gets to pick what is going to chase them, and then they start running around screaming and hiding from their Chaser until someone solves the mystery! Then they trade characters and start again! Hours of entertainment!!

I'll leave with you with a few comments overheard from the kiddos this week:

Me: Mr. Mischief, you need to finish up on the potty or your legs are going to fall asleep!
MM: NO their won't!! Legs don't have eyes!!

MS: Mom, why do nuns have a turtle head?

MM: Watch out!! Here I come!! I'm Captain Underpants! (said while running through the house half naked! I had no idea he knew who Captain Underpants was!)

MS: Mom, can I go back to dance class tomorrow? I really like my tap shoes now!
Me: I can't believe they still fit!

Lots more to do today! If I'm not too much of a slacker I'll show some photos of what we have been accomplishing!

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dizzy said...

MEC says he called MM that when they were both here. And then big-O has been reading all the Captain Underpants books for months. His kindergarten teacher this fall will be so thrilled! ? Love the quotes. Nuns - turtleheads? Where did he see one?