Monday, April 26, 2010

Wait! What? When?! Really?!?

It seems this month, I have been meeting myself coming and going! Luckily, so far, I haven't forgotten anything (that I know of), but I feel like this month is just packed full of things to be started and finished.

My flower gardens have already told me who is boss around here.
The fabric sitting on my sewing table says spring, but my brain is telling me to move on to summer already, because by the time I can sit back down and sew, summer will be here!
Dance recital costumes have been distributed for the upcoming recital in May.
End of the school year plans are being implemented.
My new vegetable garden needs to be dug, but the pond, small herb garden and walkway have been completed.
The Community Garden has begun, but still needs to be planted.
Mr. Stinky seems to be moving from dinosaurs to bugs.
Mr. Mischief has moved from Elmo to dinosaurs.
Ms. Bellie just keeps moving!

Mother Nature has also played some fun tricks this month. Around our house we have seen beautiful Spring days, mixed with hot days of Summer, dashed with tornados and thunderstorms, lost baby squirrels and bunnies, and then today feels like Winter! Coming in the house tonight, my brain actually was confused because it was cold, rainy, and the neighbors had their fireplace roaring that made the air smell of winter.

The camera is going to have to start coming with me, because I can guarantee the next few weeks will be a blur and I will need a reminder of what happened at a later date!

Thankfully I had it out for these days in April:

Daddy's birthday playing pranks:

The OCGE build:

Whew!! Wait! What? When?! TOMORROW already? Really?!?

Be inspired, be encouraged, and get something done!


Susan at Charm of the Carolines said...

As much as I love gardening, we have a fabulous Farmer's Market just a bicycle ride from my cottage. All the delicious, local, freshly harvested produce you can imagine at good prices with no tax. I miss a garden, but not for long.


dizzy said...

I agree - the kids were great! Love the new picture - interesting tableau! Is J warming up to the table?