Friday, February 12, 2010


As I sat to watch the rest of the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, I heard it.

It wasn't loud, but in my head it was. snap. SNAP!

"What was that? The dog didn't bark. Could it be? Mousey!!!"

Sure enough, there it was. Mousey. In a trap! Hallelujah!! The plagues have ended!!

The first thing I did was call Ms. Bellie to let her know!
Then I heard Mr. Stinky wanting more books to fall asleep reading. "Would you like to come see Mousey first?"
MS: You caught Mousey?
Me: Yes, he's in his trap.
MS: Really, well okay!

I moved Mousey to the table because I'm crazy, and if I didn't, the dog would have scared the life out of him and then what good would the live trap be?

MS: Did he come out of his home from behind the refrigerator?
Me: I'm not sure where he came in from.
MS: Do you think he is looking for his mom and dad?
Me: (as my heart melts) I'm not sure sweety?

MS: When will sister be home mommy?
Me: Tomorrow.
MS: Will she get to see Mousey? She will really want to see Mousey. Do we get to keep him? Do you think he is lonely in his new home?
Me: Yes, sister will get to see the mouse. No, baby, we do not get to keep him. He is a wild mouse who lives in fields and woods. I'm not sure if he is lonely or not.
MS: Okay, I'm ready for bed. Can I read the mouse book? because it has a mouse in it like ours.
Me: Yes, you can read There's a Mouse About the House. Wait a minute, OURS?!?

yeah, he's cute, but not that cute!!

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