Saturday, January 23, 2010

Skate Night!

Remember when "Skate Night" was what we all looked forward to all week long? The night we would get dropped off at the Roller Skating Rink and know that just for a short 3 hours we were on our own, without our parents and just are best friends and strangers around?

Making sure your makeup was done perfect.
Making sure your parachute pants were clean, and if not yet clean, at least you knew where they were?
Making sure your "Eddie Van Halen bandanna" was ready to be tied around your thigh?
Making sure you had a couple of quarters and dimes in your pocket so that you could get a locker, make sure you had money for the pay phone to call for a ride home, and get a gumball?

All of these thoughts went through my head tonight as we headed out to Ms. Bellies Skate Night for school and I started laughing to myself! Oh, how the times have changed!!

Instead of worrying about my makeup (which is non-existent) and my pants I was thinking:
Should we have brought a helmet?
Should we have brought knee pads?
I think I forgot quarters.
Make sure I put my cell phone in my pocket!!

Somethings, however never change. The roller skating rink we went to had:
The same carpet from 1984.
The same roller skates from 1984.
The same bathrooms from 1984.
The same lockers from 1984 (although now, they don't give you back your quarter).

The same giggles from kids as they fall on their rear!
The same fun skating around the oval over and over and over again!
The same feeling that the time spent there passed by way too fast!
The same kid's enthusiasm that has been there over the past two generations!

I think roller skating is going to be put on our list of "family fun things to do".
What a blast we had and my legs are killing me!!
I can't wait until I go to bed to lay down and my feet start to feel like they are still on skates!!


Anonymous said...

Was there a couple's skate, limbo and hokey pokey?

giveitawhirl said...

none of those but they did do the Mexican Hat Dance! We watched from the sidelines. My skating ability will not allow me to spin in a circle!