Sunday, December 13, 2009

Three Hours

3 Hours!!!! Yup, that is how long we waited to see Santa!!!! THREE hours!!

Are we crazy?!? Have we lost our minds?!? At first, I thought we were crazy and that we had completely and totally lost it. But after the Amazing reaction the kiddos had to seeing Santa emerge from his sleigh and Reindeer, to our own visit to his lap, the time spent waiting seems like a blink of the eye!
There was NO way our kiddos were leaving. We were there, and so was Santa, and therefore, we waited!!

When the wonderful woman behind me said "Your children have been very well behaved for this long of a wait!" my heart melted!! Granted, she had a very well behaved 10 week old, and I did tell her to stop while she's ahead(!), but we were not prepared for a 3 hour wait to see Santa! Especially considering that I had brought nothing to keep the kiddos occupied. We had to invent our own entertainment (always the best when you have bright kids:>)

So these are some of the photos of what we did for 3 HOURS!
The kiddos played rough and tumble or better known as "Hey! Let's make a pyramid!"

The next game we played was "If we leave and walk around, will the line move faster or get smaller?"

Mr. Mischief finally became bored with the games, and decided that time would go by faster if he just slept! Smart boy that he is, the last 40 minutes of waiting went by in a flash for him! i do have to say that I was jealous!

Finally, we played "I Spy". The best game in the world when there is plenty to see!

I'll just go ahead and say it: My kids rock and roll!! They even made it to dinner at a restaurant afterwards and were still behaved (well, if you don't consider the fact that Mr. Stinky became slap happy and started shrieking and scared the people sitting behind us!).

I can't wait to mail my letter to Santa.
It will say:
Dear Santa,
My Christmas wish is for my children to always, no matter what, believe in you! The magic you bring for them to celebrate the birth of our Lord is profound. You are the perfect example for children in what it means to have faith. Faith that you may come at Christmas, and faith that Jesus is always there for all who believe!
Merry Christmas!
Oh, p.s.
Santa, I'm sorry that the tree is still not up and decorated. If it should be that way when you get here, please leave the presents at the bottom of the stairs!
Yours truly,
Mommy (aka Tracy)

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dizzy said...

And I thought Frontenac was not so busy. Congratulations on coming through the ordeal in good shape and turning it into a wonderful experience.