Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has had a fantastic Thanksgiving!!
We had a great day! We spent the morning making pie and watching the Macy's Parade. Oh, how I love a good parade! I always get teary eyed watching such talented young marching bands putting on their best performances and the dance group with the slinkies?!? how cool was that!! Sappy, I know, but yet still true! I also get teary eyed watching the Rockettes. I've never understood why, maybe because when I was little I REALLY wanted to be a Rockette. But anyway, my youngest two boys are now waiting for snow because Santa Claus is coming to town! and of course, they don't get that there doesn't have to be snow!!

I think I'll relish the next couple of days thinking more about bare trees and fall ending rather than thinking of Christmas. I'm just not ready yet!

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