Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is Tuesday over already?

Really? Tomorrow is Wednesday?

I'm still trying to: clean up a sticky floor from apple juice being spilt all over it, clean out a refrigerator that decided to die after two years worth of use, do laundry that is now towering over my head, look for an OT that doesn't cost $150/hour, and try to make a sick dog well because he thought it would be a treat to eat a dirty diaper!

Wednesday, please be kind to me!!! The boys still haven't recovered from the hay that evoked their allergic reactions on Sunday, the repair man still hasn't been called, and the yard still hasn't been set up for the chicken coop that is supposed to come on Saturday, and I'm still researching really great ideas for getting a 2.5 yr. old student to somehow miraculously learn how to use a spoon tomorrow!

Oh, and Blockbuster: kiss my hiney if you think I am going to pay for a bunch of used videos that you are charging me for that were returned "forever" ago!!


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