Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Hum

The hum of a sewing machine working, blended with the smell of soup on the stove, while watching sleeping babies and children playing outside right before a storm = a very GOOD weekend!

This is most likely the last nice weekend we will have here and we seemed to have made the most of it (for our souls sake anyway).

Hay rides, coupled with Girl Scout songs, always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. So much so, that when my youngest child caught his upper lip and nose on the corner of a park picnic table, I wasn't really terrorized by the sight. How else would we spend a Saturday evening, but watching Mr. Mischief bust his face open for the umpteenth time? And Ms. Bellie was awarded the Try-Its Brownie badge for Sing and Dance for helping her troup sing the Girl Scouts songs with her Daddy playing guitar behind her. Like I said, "warm and fuzzy"!

Halloween costumes are almost complete. Laundry has been caught up on to the point that I don't feel like it will all collapse on me. Jack-o-lanterns will be carved this evening, and the rest of the decorations for the party on Saturday are all on schedule.

I am going to cherish the feeling I have right now, because I know illness is just a days wait away for the boys. And I also know, that no matter how much planning, the party will be a last minute scramble to get everything done.

Here's hoping that my Man feels better soon and that this week will be awesome!

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