Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me!!

During the past week we have not:

fought off Strep.

been diagnosed with Scarlet Fever.

cleaned up dog vomit, that got left over night.

tried to keep up with what is going on when, who needs to be here and there at a certain time, and forced our children to do things they don't want to do.

These types of things would never happen in our house!!
In our house, everything is so super clean there is no time for germs to stay on anything, much less transfer to another person!
And for Scarlet Fever, really? People still get that? Not here!

In our house, we are so well rested that when the dog vomits in the middle of the night, we are able to hear him and wake up to clean up the mess!

In our house, we do NOT live moment to moment trying to play catch up with the moment that already passed. I just can't imagine how anyone could survive that way!

Whew! just thinking about all this makes me exhausted!! Good thing "It's Not Me!"

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