Friday, September 25, 2009


I love days like today!

When I wake in the morning, the cool air hits my face and I get excited that it is Fall. The leaves turning, and all that jazz. But as the morning goes on, I get a little bummed out because I know before too long, it will be over and winter will be here. It seems that Missouri Falls haven't been so amazing the past few years. One day it is gorgeous and the next it is freezing cold and the leaves are completely gone without ever being able to show us their true colors.

Luckily today, I had a taste of summer! This morning was cloudy, cool, and damp. The leaves outside our windows are starting to change and look amazing. By 11am the sun was shining brightly, the clouds were disappearing and the breeze was light and cool! Now that it is 2:45, the temperature has reached 82, and the air conditioner kicked on!
The biggest taste of summer today was finding these literally hiding in the tomato plants!

My tomato plants didn't produce a lot this year. They have had green tomatoes all over them, and I kept thinking the kids better learn to like Fried Green Tomatoes and Pickled Tomatoes, because that is all we are going to have, but I was wrong!! These 22 lovely toms were all hiding under the plants! The only reason I even looked was to see if I should go ahead and rip the plants out yet! I guess I will leave them a little longer and see what happens!

On the menu tonight: Chicken alfredo with red peppers and tomatoes!! Yummy! Tomorrow I will can some pasta sauce!
That you Fummer (fall + summer, just in case you hadn't guessed!)!!

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Tsofah said...

Nice blog! We had challenges with our tomatoes this year too. They have recently been turning red as well. A friend advised us to start pruning back our plants in order to allow the green ones to get more sun. Maybe that will be helpful for you too! :)