Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The first day of school wore us out!

Getting up at 6:30ish am is killing me!! I knew that I should have been getting up this early weeks ago to become used to the schedule, but I really wanted to prolong our summer sleeping schedule for as long as possible. BIG mistake! So now, I will either get used to the schedule (hopefully) or get used to being tired (which I really don't enjoy).
At any rate, today was Ms. Bellies first day of school! She had a wonderful day in a great class full of all her great friends! She even came home with spelling homework! The spelling list was names of different teachers in her school. Mrs. Milky-Ray, Mr. Tiger, Mrs. Chicken (names changed to protect the innocent), and other strange names that I'm sure kids have made fun of along the way. It seems that teachers have names that can be made fun of. The best word on the spelling list was Respect. What a great word to remember for the first week of school. Especially so because it will remind the kids, and their mothers, not to make fun of their teacher's names!
Mr. Mischief and Mr. Stinky were quite upset that they didn't start school today. I, on the other hand, am thankful that they still have a week before school starts. I have a week to get my lesson plans in order, crafts ready, and the songbook open so that I can torture myself by teaching Mr. Mischief's class. Maybe another BIG mistake, but we'll just have to wait and see!

(Sorry the pictures are so grainy and orange, my camera was set wrong and blogger is throwing in the grain!)


dizzy said...

Third Grade! With new flowers in her ears no less!

dizzy said...

And who is that person looming in the upper right? He's too big to be a third grader.