Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Chickens have a New Home!

Yesterday Wyde Twik, Little Miss Cluck, Tweet Tweet, Dawn, Hamster and all the other chickens we are raising were moved to their new home!! (ironically, some were moved in a Meat Box!!).
The Chicken Lady, aka Robin, took a different approach and just had the chickens hop on for a ride. I was scared half to death that one would fall and the horse, or I mean, dog, would eat them! but they are now safe and sound in their new coop.
My friend Smiley can build anything and he built this amazing Chicken Tractor that they will be living and nesting in. The Tractor is so cool because the chickens have the choice to be in the grass or up in the coop and nesting boxes depending on how they feel. Also, since there is no bottom in the Tractor we just give it a "heave-ho" and move it around the yard so that they always have fresh grass and bugs to eat!! We do have to keep an eye on the sky however and make sure when it starts to rain, they make it back into the coop area. (How smart would I feel if the chickens drowned!!).
Ahhh, the farm life! We are loving it!!!!!

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