Thursday, April 16, 2009

What I don't like to do!!!

There is one thing in this whole entire universe that I really do not enjoy.

When you pack bags for children, it doesn't matter if you are going away for a day, or going away for a month. There is so MUCH to bring!!
Pack-n-play, stroller, cups, saucers, the kitchen sink. You start to wonder if it is worth going!! But, you know it IS!

Mr. Stinky thought his suitcase was for him to take HIMSELF in on our short trip! I was cracking up! How do you pack a 3.5 year old in a suitcase? He didn't get it!

So, with limited time, I wish everyone a fantastic weekend!

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Maeve's mom said...

Oh, I hate the packing too. I have a million and one tote bags lined up by my fireplace; toys, books, puzzles, outside toys, blankets, etc, etc. The kids' suitcases are also packed. I have packed no clothing or toiletries for myself or Mike. Are we really only going to be gone for the weekend?