Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Something in your town

We live in a tiny "town" smooshed in between two towns that are great rivals, in a huge county that actually acts like a big city.  You gotta Love St. Louis!!  If you are from St. Louis or have spent any amount of time here, chances are you are not familiar with Glendale.  Most people I have encountered from St. Louis do not know where Glendale is, but are familiar with Kirkwood and Webster Groves.  My FIL calls our town a village and that is a great description.  We are big enough and have enough money to have our own Fire Department (God Bless them!) and our own Police Department (Thank God!).  Glendale was established in 1912.  There used to be a trolley system to take you downtown and lots of farm houses and mansions.  You either farmed or hopped the trolley or train to get downtown to work.  We own one of the original farmhouses that was built in 1893. 
One thing we do not have is a big downtown.  If you want a picture perfect old style downtown you can go into Kirkwood or Webster.  If you want a couple cute shops, you're okay!  The one thing that is picture perfect about our town is something you can't always see with your eyes.  Glendale has the best community of friends and neighbors!  We gather for Jazz Fest, we help get our kids to and from school, we make sure everyone is fed, we watch out for each other and help make everyone's lives a little easier, we have fun at the Ice Cream Social, and we all participate fully in life!
On this snowy/sleety day I thought I would share a photo of our clock that our Women's Club gave to the city, along with our cute shops!  If you're ever in the neighborhood stop by The Recycled Rose or the Gigham Goose!  They have some great gifts!
Thanks Jenny!


Jenny said...

It sounds like your village is wonderful! I imagine it's rare to find a community that sticks together like that. You are blessed!

The shops and the clock are beautiful, thank you for sharing them with us!

Tiffani said...

I loved your story that went with your photo AND the photo itself!

I almost took a pic of our clock downtown too but changed by mind b/c of the major fog we're having in the south today!

Monkey's Momma said...

I have heard of Glendale, believe it or not. I live 65 miles south of St. Louis, in a tiny little town in St. Francois County, Missouri.

Nice to meet you!