Thursday, December 11, 2008


Who backs into a car 5 (FIVE) times without noticing???

This happened to me today in the pick up line at Ms. Bellies school. While trying, and I emphasize trying, to parallel park a mom hit my front bumper 5 times!!

After the third time, I got out and looked at her like she was a maniac!  When I saw she was going to do it again I got back in my car to assure the boys that they were okay.  

The fourth hit moved my car back about a foot, even though I was in park.

The fifth hit, she put her car in park and her brake lights went out.  Once again I got out of my car to look at my bumper.  She then gets out of her van and says "oh, did I bump you?  so sorry!"

Luckily, there was no damage to my trusty station wagon, but her back bumper had dents all in it.

I was really thinking that this poor woman had a screaming kid in her car, that she was in a hurry, and that her day was miserable and she just didn't notice.  But, no, she locked her car and walked away like nothing had happened.  

So be warned!  If you see a beige Honda Odyssey with a dented bumper in a parking lot while out Christmas shopping, beware!  You might just lose a side mirror!


Anonymous said...

How can you not notice that you are bumping someone's car? I would have honked at her but that probably would cause her to jerk the wheel and really do some damage.

Maeve's Mom said...

You are way nicer than I am. After the second bump I would have been at her driver's side window telling her to find somewhere else to park (and I might have added "you incompent idiot" if there were no kids in her van to hear me. Good thing you have that trusty station wagon.