Monday, December 29, 2008

one week

In one week, (7 days), my children have undergone emotional insecurity at a time when security and emotions should be pretty much stable.  I have undergone emotional insecurity to the point that next year I may want to celebrate Hannukah instead of Christmas just to break the trend.

Not only were there questions of: Is there really a Santa Clause?  How does He get into our house without a chimney?  How does Santa get presents from Target when He has Elves in His own workshop? 

 but there were the questions:  Will Mommy be okay?  Where will we spend the night?  Why did our Uncle have to die?  Do Jesus and God know what we are thinking?  Why is Mr. Mischief's Birthday party so far after his birthday?  Will the rain flood the basement?  Why is Father Jake leaving us?  and who will replace him? and where is he going?

There is no way in the world that I could answer every question as they were asked.  Thanks be to God I have an Emotionally Stable Husband who pretty much took over and answered questions, coordinated child care, and made sure everyone had a very, Merry Christmas!!

Last Monday I underwent emergency surgery to remove an Ovarian Cyst that I thought was a hyneria.  So at Christmas time, I was feeling like I had my fourth baby but without the baby.  Instead we adopted Kota the Dinosaur, Biscuit the Dog and Elmo Live.  I think I would have rather just had one.

My Uncle Jim passed away on December 23rd  from a courageous bought with Lymphoma.  I can't say enough about how awful this cancer is.  It is horrendous.  Lymphoma robs people of their lives in a manner of months.  It robs family members of hope.  It robs friends from time well spent.  It breaks my heart because this is the second death of a family member to Lymphoma in less than a year.

The rest of the questions were answered when friends and family showed up!!  The basement was "shopped vacced" by my inlaws while we drove home in blinding rain from the funeral.  Therefore the basement did not flood.

My cousin explained to everyone at the funeral; the reason that my Uncle was called home: "that since Gerald Ford had died recently, there was a need for a good Democratic Lawyer to be had in Heaven."

Father Jake is going to Shreveport, LA.  We were lucky enough to watch him open his gifts at his last service at Emmanuel.  It was a very moving morning.  Especially since he was speechless when he opened the guitar my husband and Father in Law picked out for him.

I truly cannot believe how lucky, and absurdly unlucky, I am at this time of year.  
Knowing that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus, I look for the good in everything that happens.  
I am blessed.


dizzy said...

Your retelling of the week left me dizzy. Let's pray that the New Year ushers in lots more lucky than unlucky things.

Jodie Allen said...

wow, i hadn't heard about your surgery at all! how awful. i hope you're feeling better!

i have your disks in a basket on my porch, i meant to get them to you last week but the kids were all really sick and it was hard balancing life (as you knew also!). but they are out there so stop by anytime and if we're home i'd love to say hello!