Tuesday, October 7, 2008

When I was a little girl staying with my Grandmother, she would let me pilfer through her scrap box of fabric.  I would have fun trying to make "quilts" on the floor of the sewing room out of all the different patterns and sizes of scrap.  As I grew up, I would still go through the box of scraps and wander down my "fabric memory lane".  I would recognize different fabrics from different dresses my Grandmother had sewn for all our family.  Over time, we all had beautiful quilts that shared all of the fabric.

Today I realized the importance of housing a scrap box.  While waiting for a children's re-sale shop to pilfer through all the outgrown kids clothes I had brought, I went to the fabric store next door.  Granted, I have not been in a fabric store in quite some time, but I was floored at the prices!  A 1 yard remnant was $5.00!!  Five DOLLARS for ONE yard!  The appealling fabric for Halloween was $7.99 a yard minimum!  And most of all, the quilting fabric started at $2.00 a single fat square!  Wow.  

So this thought has been going round and round my head:  How great would it be for my children to pilfer through their old scraps of fabric instead of a lady at a re-sale shop?  To feel the different fabrics and see the different designs and to remember when and where something was worn and for what reason.  The money being received for re-selling these clothes just does not compare anymore.
Where's my scissors!?!

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Maeve's Mom said...

What a beautiful idea. When I'm all done having babies will you make quilts for me out of my favorite old clothes? (I'd totally pay you to do that)!