Friday, October 10, 2008

Strange things happen here

Our house has interesting bugs.   It always has.   We never have normal bugs that a house comes with, we have abnormally strange bugs.  The most normal bug here is the brown recluse.  They lurk out at you when you least expect it and then run and hide again while you pray it isn't in anything important.  We thought after our house fire they would all be gone.  But, no, they came crawling back home.

This summer brought us Cicada killers, cicadas, flying cockroaches, 2 huge wasp nests (with a kind of red striped wasp we had never seen), wasps in a bedroom, tomato hornworms, and now this.

We didn't know that Moths laid eggs.  It has never been something we stopped to contemplate.  According to Scholastic's New Book of Knowledge, moths lay eggs on plants they like to eat.  Interesting, I wasn't aware that moths ate plate glass!

So far know, we have a very interesting science project beginning on our back door.  Good thing it is on the outside of the glass!  

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Maeve's Mom said...

I hate bugs and am nauseous just thinking about all the bugs you have. I once found a praying mantis in my hair and jumped and screamed like it was killing me. Of course, all the neighbors saw and laughed their butts off. Bugs, ewww, gross!