Monday, October 13, 2008

Look! A Gack Gack!!!!

Oook! Mommy! A Gack Gack!!!!

Yes Little Man, I see the squirrel!  Isn't it pretty?  Doesn't it run fast?  Look how fluffy the tail is!

Yes, Mommy!  Shurre Mommy!  I seee Mommy!

We loove squirrels. Don't we Little Man?

Ohh yes, Mommy.  We Oove Gack Gacks!

This is the conversation we have everyday on the way to school as I curse the squirrels under my breath.  Squirrels have dug up potted plants, new grass, and new mulch.  They have eaten red and green tomatoes and then knocked off some for Peter Rabbit.  Their nests have blown out of trees and landed in the yard to be cleaned up.  We have seen families of squirrels fall out of trees while being attacked in their nests by Hawks.  We have found their "stash" of walnuts in the most random and inconvenient of places.  

Whoever coined the term "Tree Rats" was right on.  Today I counted 9 different ones in our yard, causing chaos.  They dig and dig and dig and then bark at you when you are in their way!  

I appreciate wildlife.  I have a degree in the subject.  So I started thinking how to deal with all of this.  I decided the easiest way would be to pick them off out of the yard with BB gun.  Simple, easy, convenient.  But then I remembered: Where would all my new tulips come from next spring?  And do I really want to make Squirrel Stew?

So for now, I will live to learn with them.  Enjoy the fall.  And pray that something picks them off this winter so that next spring we don't have to go through this again!

By the by... A must read:  Cy Littlebee's Guide to Cooking Fish & Game


Maeve's Mom said...

I'm with you, they are awful. A BB guns seems reasonable at times. If it's any help, I bought Havahart squirrel repellent and it has kept them out of my potted mums since Saturday (believe me, that's nearly a miracle). It has pepper extract in it, we'll see how it works over the long haul.

Meryl said...

Ugh, the squirrels! They make my poor dogs crazy!