Monday, October 20, 2008

God gave us _____ for ________!

Sunday we skipped church. BUT we went to an evening potluck dinner for families. This was a potluck dinner with an amazing speaker entitled "How to Integrate God and Your Beliefs into your Children's Life". Hubby and I enjoyed the company and remembered a lot from when we parents of only one child.

So today, I thought I would put some of the ideas into practice:

Hitting has become a problem lately so once the frustration sat in and the hitting began, I stated that "G-d gave us hands for loving".

Here is what I got back:
G-d gave us hands for patting.
G-d gave us hands for coloring.
G-d gave us hands for praying.
G-d gave us lips for kissing.
G-d gave us lips for spitting!
G-d gave us mouths for talking.
G-d gave us feet for shoes.
and the kicker out of the mouth of my potty trainer:
G-d gave us butts for POOPING!

I can't wait for what tomorrow God will have in store for us. I'm really looking forward to it!

by the way, God gave us a heart for compassion and empathy (at least based on what an 8 year old thinks).


Maeve's Mom said...

How sweet! I wish I had been there Sunday night but we were out of town. Your 8-year old is very smart and compassionate and I'm impressed with what she came up with. Also, laughing about the butts for pooping!

Jodie Allen said...

sort of shocked to see your blog! i never would have guessed it! welcome to blogland!